For the benefit of our funders and the public here is a copy of our 2015 Annual and Financial report. Just click on the file name and you will be taken to a pdf copy of the report. 


Sammy Community Transport Limited is a registered charity (charity number 1089953) operating in the Bognor Regis and Chichester areas offering accessible transport to disabled and elderly people.

It all began in 1973 when Mr. Samual Jay left a sum of money when he died to purchase a minibus that could transport members of the local community who, through medical or geographical locations, were unable to access local transport. This is why we are known as Sammy in recognition of our original benefactor.

Today our charity has 30 volunteer drivers, 7 minibuses, 3 wheelchair accessible cars and in addition we run a voluntary car service where drivers transport people to and from medical appointments in their own vehicles.Last year Sammy vehicles made over 30,000 passenger journeys with volunteers giving over 12,000 hours of their free time. This equates to an estimated £200.000 in financial terms given back into the community by all of our volunteers.

In 2012 Sammy absorbed the management and day to day running of the services provided by the now dissolved  Chichester Community Transport. This service having served its local community for 10 years, in its final year transported 6800 passengers using its Dial -A- Ride service, which we now operate in both of our areas.

The services we offer are charged at a very competitive rate. Funding is is largely from voluntary contributions,grants, donations and community fund money and we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support given to us by local clubs and associations in our local community.

You may already be a user of our services but we are keen that you should look at our news and activity pages which give you a full picture of the type of service we offer to the local community.

You may also be in a position to join our amazing band of voluntary staff who continue to make Sammy Community Transport such an important and lasting part of Bognor Regis and Chichester life.